Yes, boys and girls, I did it. By popular demand. You asked for it, you got it. Etcetera.

After a fair amount of pressure by friends, co-workers, employers, fans, and assorted others, I finally broke down and started my own blog. A new one because, after all, I was blogging before blogging was popular. Waaaayyyy back in the day I had my own website and used to add running updates, comments, rants, and assorted nurgling to a page on my site. People saw it, thought it was a great idea, started doing it — the rest is history. And I never made a dime off of it. Sad for me.

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way. Am I that Steve Lopez? If you’re a chessplayer, yes I’m that Steve Lopez. If you’re not a chessplayer, then I’m not.

I’m not the L.A. Times columnist. I’m less famous, but more handsome. I am the and US Chess video producer, columnist, tech support guru, author, editor, and general jack of all trades — and (part of the year) I’m an historian for the Maryland Park Service (Civil War and 19th Century, if you’re interested). I’ve had mobs of people tell me that the chess blog I wrote wasn’t enough and that I should start my own. Ask and ye shall receive — it’s arrived.

But there’s a sticky string attached. It won’t be about chess.

If I’m going to be blogging for fun, it’s not bloody likely that the subject is going to be anything work related. Oh, I might slide in a chess reference every so often, and I might talk a little American Civil War from time to time. But this blog will mostly be about my cornucopia of other interests. Movies. Games. Software.

And comic books. Oh, yes. Comics. I plan to also throw in related topics, like superhero RPGs (that’s role-playing games to the six or so readers who don’t know the jargon), board games (such as Heroclix), and various other paraphernalia and ephemera related to viewing the world through four-color glasses. I’m hoping to share some of the crazy coolness that is our Villains & Vigilantes campaign (absolutely the best RPG ever, hands down, bar none, period, end of story), a campaign that has run in fits and starts for more than a quarter-century (since 1982 to be precise, but more on that later).

So much for the mission statement. In the days to come you can expect a short history of my 30+ year involvement with V&V, lots of info and pics about Golden Age (1940’s) comics, background info on our V&V campaign and characters, reviews of some other superhero RPGs, some major yammering about the plethora of other games that my sons and I play (such as Diskwars, Mage Knight, Heroclix, Pirates, World of Warcraft minis, Star Wars Miniatures, and Anachronism [which I can’t get them to play anymore because I’m that danged good at it]). I’ll also be tossing around some nouns and verbs about classic board wargaming. You can also expect some yakkin’ about such fabulous TV obscurities as Super Robot Red Baron and Fireball XL5. Throw in some spaghetti westerns, 1970’s Chinese martial arts movies, kaiju classics (such as Godzilla and Yongari), and we’re in for a crazy ride.

But no chess. Not for a while anyway.

Comments are welcome. Disagreement is fine as long as we keep it civil. Call me filthy names and you get deleted. Spammers die a lingering painful death. And this blog is not a “back door” for chess software tech support. Don’t even bother — it’s just instant deletion and I’ll also say bad things about your mom to boot.

In the meantime…

Have fun! — Steve