Why do I love 1940’s comics? In part it’s because of all the fast thinkers, smooth talkers, and major operators.

Take, for instance, Cliff Cornwall. He was a special FBI agent who made his debut in Flash Comics #1 (Jan. 1940). Cliff parachutes into Alaska (which wasn’t a state back then, kids) to investigate the mysterious disappearance of dozens of aircraft. He no sooner hits the ground when a real tomato gets the drop on him:

The very hot Lys Valliere gets the drop on Cliff

Talk about quick thinking and fast talking. I sure wish I’d thought of that line the last time a gal was pointing a gun at me.

Her name is Lys Valliere (man, even her name is hot). Six panels later he’s already starting to make time with her:

You could sure love her for that -- and a whole lot of other reasons...

Cliff is not one for wasting time, either personally or professionally.  The whole adventure lasts six pages, at the end of which time the lovely Lys is definitely reciprocating the attraction:

Six pages. It’s got to be some kind of a record.

I am now officially a die-hard Cliff Cornwall fan.

Have fun! — Steve