I haven’t posted much lately. The battlefield where I work just observed the battle’s anniversary (hikes, tours, presentations galore — I’m all talked out), the end of the park season is fast approaching, I’m fighting the flu (or whatever it is) again, and I’m just plain beat down dead dog tired. All I want right now is a full dozen: ten hours’ sleep, a hot shower, and a cold beer (and if we could arrange for the latter to be ordered by the exquisite Lady Blackhawk, Zinda Blake, I’ll be eternally grateful).

In my last post I panned the new Icons RPG, which puts me squarely in the minority; everybody — and I mean everybody — is absolutely geeking out over this game. I think it’s too much like the old Marvel RPG (some parts are pretty much direct rip-offs), but I’ll give Icons this much: you can roll up some interesting characters. In fact, the first one I rolled up makes me wish I could get somebody else to GM the game just once:

Nightfall - "The Midnight Vigilante"

Name: Nightfall

Secret Identity: Gardner Crane

Origin: Transformed

Prowess: 5   Coordination: 3   Strength: 5   Intellect: 5   Awareness: 7   Willpower: 4

First Appearance: Nightfall #1

Powers: Fast Attack 4, Mental Blast 5, Wall Crawling 8, Blinding 5 (mace spray device on right wrist)

Specialties: Investigation, Stealth

Stamina: 9   Determination: 1

Qualities: 1) Epithet: “The Midnight Vigilante”; 2) Connection: Infant Child; 3) Identity: Crime Novelist

Challenges: 1) Personal: Men who commit domestic violence enrage Nightfall

Gardner Crane was a crime novelist who, while researching a new story, was mistakenly identified as an undercover officer by a local mobster. Thugs broke into Crane’s home and murdered his pregnant wife before his eyes, then slashed Crane several times and poured a mixture of household chemicals into his wounds. Paramedics arrived in time to save the life of the unborn child. The chemicals in Crane’s wounds didn’t poison him (as the gangsters had hoped); they instead reacted with an unknown agent in Crane’s cell structure to give him unusual powers including the ability to adhere to vertical surfaces (including ceilings) and to psionically attack adversaries.

Crane fashioned a costume and new identity for himself: Nightfall. In his nocturnal guise he investigates and punishes members of organized crime, meting out vengeance and retribution for the death of his beloved wife. By day Crane continues his career as a novelist. Crane does his best to balance the roles of author, father, and midnight avenger, but isn’t always successful.

Hey, that’s not bad for a character that didn’t even take twenty minutes to create from start to finish, including dreaming up the origin and characters “aspects” (Qualities and Challenges).

Have fun! — Steve

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