Continuing our look at a “lost classic”: 1941’s Daredevil Battles Hitler

The book’s fourth story begins with a really weird panel: Daredevil has eyeballs, giving him a very creepy appearance. The tale was evidently drawn by someone other than Daredevil’s regular illustrator, as this style continues throughout the story.

Dickie Dean (whose adventures are chronicled in Silver Streak Comics) has invented a “fool-proof decoding machine” which Josef Goebbels, Nazi propaganda chief’, is determined to steal. Dickie and Zip (his sidekick) destroy the device’s plans (Dickie has them committed to memory) and then fly to London to offer the device to the English. Shortly after their arrival they’re bushwacked by German spies and the decoder is stolen. The English offer help in recovering the device:

The “operative” in Berlin is none other than you-know-who:


After lots of running around in secret passages, plus several encounters with Goebbels (of which Goebbels gets much the worst):

…Daredevil and the boys get the decoder back and leave a gift-wrapped package for Der Fuehrer:

Damn it, Adolf -- it said "Do NOT open until Christmas!"

Another Comic House/Lev Gleason hero teams up with Daredevil in the next tale. Cloud Curtis (who made his debut six months previously in the pages of Silver Streak Comics) teams up with Daredevil to take on the leader of the German Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering:

Daredevil and Cloud Curtis fly to England to lend the R.A.F. a hand during the Battle of Britain…


…and are surprised to discover that a blood-red Messerschmitt is being flown by none other than Hermann Goering:

Daredevil again leaps from plane to plane (as he did in the “Claw” story) and pops Goering right in the mouth:

Goering never turned down a sandwich, even a knuckle one

After a bunch of flying, jumping, and shooting, the whole kit’n’kaboodle end up on the ground:

Another opportunity for an "inner eight year old" geekout

Sweet! Cloud Curtis and Hermann Goering are going to fight an aerial duel! The exciting dogfight lasts nearly two pages (of the seven page story)…

…and ends with Goering as the loser, lying in a farmer’s pig sty:

Harsh, but hilarious, and a satisfying end to a really cool story.

We’ll look at one more Daredevil team-up from Daredevil Battles Hitler in the next post.

Have fun! — Steve

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