I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this post — that’s how hard I’m laughing.

Superman has a new look, “re-imagined for the modern reader” according to DC Comics:

"He's wearing a hoodie! He *must* be bad-ass!"

I can’t decide if he looks more like:

a) A stoner (which explains the red eyes)

b) The kid from down the street (the one I yelled at yesterday for throwing his soda bottle over the hedge and into the yard)

c) A World Series of Poker player on Day 8, trying to play on eight total hours’ sleep since the tournament began (a Full Tilt Poker logo on his hood would complete the picture, but I’m too lazy to go Photoshop it in)

He looks all moody and emo, like that whiny brat Anakin Skywalker. Man of Steel? More like “Man of Feel”: “Nobody gets me! It’s so hard to be different! You don’t understand me! You don’t understand how I feel!”

Whatever. Epic fail, DC — I’m now officially rooting for Lex Luthor.

Have fun! — Steve