We have about three weeks left in the year. If you don’t think this is potentially the greatest news story of 2010, you’re probably wasting your time reading my blog:

Long Lost Print Of KING KONG Discovered In London Cinema

I’m not remotely joking about this being a HUGE news story (no pun intended, either). The 1933 version of King Kong is, in my opinion, the single greatest film ever made, period. It has everything — action, adventure, snappy dialogue, a square-jawed hero, a gorgeous heroine, a mysterious island, dinosaurs, giant monsters, a magnificent cast (including the legendary Noble Johnson as the native chief, a guy who seems to fill the whole screen just by his presence in a shot), innovative special effects (Willis O’Brien is one of my personal heroes), biplanes, secret maps, gas bombs, extreme horror (keep your “mad slashers” — Kong dropping the “sleeping woman” to her death in the New York sequence is one of the most chilling moments in film history), you name it.


Damn! How I loves me some Fay Wray!

And, if this is a complete version (as is hoped), we’ll finally get to see one of the “holy grails” of cinema history: the legendary “Canyon sequence” in which the Venture’s sailors are devoured alive by giant spiders, a sequence which was so horrifying to preview audiences that it was cut from the general release copies of the movie (and subsequently lost).

When I read this news, I practically geeked right in my pants, that’s how major this story may turn out to be. If this is a complete uncut copy of King Kong, that news will be the greatest Christmas gift ever.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Have fun! — Steve