I woke up this AM with the idea that I was going to play the next segment in my solo Hideouts and Hoodlums campaign today. But, of course, one thing led to another and after I finished my various and sundry work-related duties I discovered that the day had slipped away.

So there I was late this afternoon, checking online to see the delivery status of my latest CMG order as it works its way across the country via UPS (I’m filling in some holes in my Heroclix collection, buying some Mechwarrior artillery, and getting another set of Mage Knight castle keeps and gatehouses), when I see a new e-mail message from RPGNow to inform me that a new item in a genre of interest to me has been added to their catalogue. I figure, “Hey, no big deal”; I get one of these messages every day and there’s 49 chances in 50 it’ll be something stupid like yet another (near-daily) release of a book of pre-generated characters for Icons (and here I thought a major selling point of that game was the random character generation tables — silly me for actually believing their advertising).

I opened the e-mail, saw the listing, and geeked so hard I broke a window. Five minutes and a quick CC purchase later, the PDF of the new Hideouts and Hoodlums supplement was sitting on my hard drive:


It wasn’t even a whole week ago when I good-naturedly nagged Scott Casper to hurry up and finish it.

Talk about “ask and ye shall receive”! Thank you, Scott!

Man, I think I actually peed when I saw this listing. Just a little…

I’m going to start reading, right after dinner.

Have fun! — Steve

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