…is some Myrna Loy. Right now.

Karloff: "I'm a doctor, so I should know: mine's bigger."

The question is: would I take a beating to get with Myrna Loy?

And the answer is: oh, hellses YEAH!! (By the way, ladies, never wear a spiky hat to a ping pong tournament)

The pics are all from the movie The Mask of Fu Manchu, which is still great fun despite all of the on-line PC handwringing, wailing, and gnashing of teeth about how “racist” is is. It was a pulp adventure from the 1930’s, for crying out loud. Damn, people! Relax — nobody took this movie seriously when it was made (they had to reshoot many of Karloff’s scenes because he kept cracking up laughing in the middle of a take).

Have fun! — Steve

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