Magic item “wish lists”? Really???? Is this what D&D 4e and other current RPGs are about???

Mike quoted the following e-mail, sent from a DM to his players, in his blog today:

Please remember to send me your magic item wish list if you have not already done so. You can include items up to 4 levels above your current level. Pick a range of levels because I rarely give our the highest level!

I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I remember when a player might bring an extra bag of chips for the DM, along with a note saying, “I would be very grateful if you didn’t kill my character before I reach 4th level.”

And then the DM would thoroughly enjoy those chips while killing the player’s ass anyway for being such a whiny little dink.

Good times.

That e-mail Mike quoted makes me glad I have shelves full of pre-1990 RPGs that I can still play and enjoy with my kids. Cody’s presently running a fierce (and very cool) little Robotech campaign in which you not only have to play five or six sessions before you get anywhere near leveling up, you thank your lucky stars at the end of each session if you didn’t get your sorry ass scragged in that last ferocious howling firefight which erupted when you least expected it. (That campaign is where the sidebar pic about my Robotech character Iago Rasputin Delvane came from — more about Delvane later). A player’s “wishlist” in Cody’s campaign would read “Pretty please don’t shoot me with a Zentraedi rocket either in my face or up my rectum”. And, knowing Cody, he’d subsequently have a couple of Zentraedi shoot you with one in the face and one up the rectum simultaneously because you specified “or”, not “and”, in your “wishlist”.

Have fun! — Steve

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