No, not this post. It’s this “news” story.

Here’s an excerpt:

…the 7th [Wisconsin] Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a Wisconsin prison’s rule forbidding inmates to play Dungeons & Dragons or possess D&D publications and materials. The prison’s rationale for the ban is that playing D&D might stimulate “gang activity” by inmates. But the government conceded that there is no evidence that Dungeons and Dragons actually had stimulated gang activity in the past, either in this prison or elsewhere.

I’ve seen this in several places online since this morning and I’ve been laughing about it all day. The kids and I are crabbing our fingers in all kind of weird positions, trying to devise a gang sign that looks like a polyhedral die (I’m trying for a d20, but I’d settle for a d8 at this point).

I’m also having a problem with the whole “gang tattoo” thing; I don’t know how intimidating a pic of Galadriel tattoo’d on a guy’s forearm would be, but I’m thinking “not very” on this one.

I’m also disappointed that we won’t be seeing any future news stories with quotes like “The riot allegedly started in the prison yard when members of the KYC Elf Boyz violently confronted the Compton Hobbitz over turf rights in the Dwarven underworld.”

Sorry, gotta stop now. The whole thing’s just way too bizarre.

Have fun! — Steve

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