I spent about ninety minutes trying to read a few OSG blogs that I haven’t yet looked at, and it seems like three-quarters of the ones I read don’t consist of much more than some kind of bizarre retro-gaming girlfight. Huge heaping piles of them read much like this:

“I was reading what Earl said over at [name of blog] in response to Jim-Bob’s assertion in [another blog] when he commented on Carl’s contention on the Tavern of the Ruptured Game Goat message board that retro-gaming was once a paradigm of a neo-classical cutting edge reaction to the overwhelming lack of synergy/internal consistency which has become the norm in post-2005 FRPGs, but that OSG has now become stagnant due to the many (what for lack of a better term I prefer to call) “dilettante” clone games which profess to emulate original 1970’s RPGs but instead seem to have taken a sharp contra-Gygaxian bent in both form and content (both intellectually and philosophically). Therefore I wish to publicly announce my complete disassociation from both Earl, Jim-Bob, and the rest of their mindless minions until they come to their senses and recognize the inherent truth in Carl’s statements which, despite their admittedly knee-jerk qualities (which are horridly expressed in Carl’s dreadfully jejune non-fluidic prose “style”), I believe cut directly to the basic core nature of the malaise afflicting the hobby.”

Holy jumpin’ Jeebus on a Ritz cracker, will you ladies please just SHUT UP AND PLAY???


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