Yesterday saw the release of the new issue of the Hideouts & Hoodlums RPG’s quarterly magazine The Trophy Case. I’m pretty excited about it, and not just because I wrote about 30% of it (heh) but because there’s some major kickass stuff packed into its pages.

In addition to Scott Casper’s editorial and some info about the H&H Fan Club, you’ll also find several new mobster (read: monster) types, at least one of which will come in very handy if my Vindicators campaign moves from St. Nicholas, Maryland to Texas/Louisiana (as I’m hoping it will, assuming Doug, Jed, and Prometheus don’t meet an untimely demise).

Scott has also included a valuable addendum to the Supplement I Index, a comic book (reprint) review, answers to a few (off beat, but important) rules questions, and tips for successfully playing low-level H&H characters (many of which were very interesting — I’ll admit that I never even considered the tactic of having a superhero wreck/tear up an opponent’s armor before I read the article).

And there’s the aforementioned three pages by yours truly, which regular and attentive readers of this blog will (hopefully) immediately recognize.

I can hear you gasping with breathless anticipation, “Where, oh where may I obtain a copy of The Trophy Case #3?!!?!?” Fret not, dear reader — it’s readily available and, best of all, it’s FREE. All you have to do is click the link conveniently contained within this sentence and, when you get to that RPGNow page, click the “Get It Free” button.

Happy reading! It’s cool stuff. (And I’m not just saying that because I wrote some of it — I also recommend that you get issues #1 and #2 while you’re there, also free and guaranteed to be 100% Steve-free in its content.)

Have fun! — Steve

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