Short and sweet today, as I’m under the weather (my lovely bride says that this is the most sick she’s seen me in five or six years); whatever this head/chest cold thing that’s going around might be, it’s really kicking my butt.

First, I get to brag on the kids. They’ll start college in the fall with dang near full scholarships. I have bright boys. I carry pictures of them in my wallet and, after I received the scholarship figures, my wallet is now carrying pictures of them in its wallet.

Second, Cody and I have done a little playtesting on my “secret project” for Avalon Games. We’d have played more if it wasn’t for this cold/flu thing (he had it first and then gave it to me. Thanks, kid). So far it plays pretty well. I asked Cody how he liked it. “Oh, its fine. It’d be even better if I’d won.”

Third, I found this little gem the other day in Mark Finn’s excellent and highly-recommended biography of Robert E. Howard, Blood and Thunder:

In the twenty-first century, postmodern studies have made it possible for anyone to read any kind of subtext into any popular medium. However, it is incredibly naïve to throw a twenty-first century value judgement onto people who were living a hundred years ago….Postmodern racism studies on the uncountable amount of pulp fiction serve no purpose, mainly because every single one of the academics and scholars who flippantly decries the field as full of “racist and/or mysogynistic stereotypes” has never read more than a handful of pulps that either make or disprove his or her case.

Ba-ZINNNNNNG! Finn not only hit the bullseye right there, he shattered the damned target. Nicely done, sir!

Have fun! — Steve

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