Cody, Sam, and I have been watching a pile of kaiju and tokusatsu lately (mostly early 1990’s Godzilla movies, as well as Ultraman and Super Robot Red Baron TV episodes). So it was only fitting that we recently got into Monster Island, a really cool miniatures game by Firefly Games.

Monster Island lets you use whatever toys and props you have lying around to fight epic kaiju battles.  I took a toy bull that I used to keep as a paperweight and created Burugon, an accidental mutation caused by Japanese experiments in the field of agricultural nutrition. Cody’s monster was a giant spider, a relic from the prehistoric era accidentally released by archaeologists, named Arañus (pronounced ar-ANN-yus). It was banished to Monster Island after destroying Madrid. Another prehistoric relic accidentally released by man was Quetzalus (played by Sam), the legendary destroyer of Mexico City. Both of the boys’ monsters were represented by D&D miniatures.

The three monsters accidentally meet on Monster Island and launch into an epic battle. The blue cutout in the center of the battlefield is a swamp. The brown cutouts are hills (blocking line of fire for ranged attacks). The green cutouts are jungles. White poker chips are geysers, while red chips are lava pits. The loose trees and rocks should be obvious.

In all cases, you can click the pic to embiggenize it.

Burugon — accidentally created by Japanese scientists doing the “H.G. Wells thing”.

Arañus — prehistoric Spanish spider

Quetzalus – angry Mexican snake god

The battlefield on Monster Island

Burugon stalks Arañus who is lurking in the trees

Quetzalus — holy crap! The snake can FLY!!!

Arañus entangles Quetzalus in a sticky web and the snake crashes to the earth

Burugon, carrying a tree in his horns, charges Arañus, who ducks behind Quetzalus

Quetzalus gets smashed by the tree, which bounces away between the black stone and the lava pit

Quetzalus breaks free of the webbing and takes to the air again

The sneaky arachnid turns on Burugon, biting him in the haunch and injecting him with venom

Quetzalus, ready to throw a rock at Arañus, gets entangled again. He’s caught between the bull’s laser eye blasts and the spider’s web attacks.

Arañus has crushed Quetzalus beneath some thrown trees (foreground). The spider then faces off against the bull for the final showdown.

Arañus bites the bull in the haunch, but then gets caught by a 12d6(!) ram attack from Burugon’s horns. The angry bull launches Arañus into orbit and wins the fight.

Chinese scientists report that Arañus hit the ground in the Mongolian desert, but these reports are unconfirmed at present.

Great fun! We enjoyed hilarious jokes, crazy dialogue, bad puns — and a great time was had by all.

Have fun! — Steve

Copyright 2011, Steven A. Lopez

Burugon copyright 2011, Steven A. Lopez

Arañus copyright 2011, Cody R. Lopez

Quetzalus copyright 2011, Samuel C. Lopez

All rights reserved.