Origin: Mutated Beast

First Recorded Appearance: Japan, 2005

Threat Level: Undetermined



Strength: 6 Reflexes: 4 Health: 6 Mind: 2


Life: 30 Evade: 14 Toughness: 6 (10) Daze: 8 Move: 5


Tough hide: Armor (4 pts.)

Laser Eye Beams: Blast 4d6 (4 pts.)

Horns: Hand-to-Hand Attack (Ram) (8d6) (4 pts.)


Japan’s Ifukube Corporation was renowned for their advances in genetic crop and livestock research, all aimed at alleviating world hunger. One of their major projects in 2005 consisted of intensive research into genetically enhanced feed grains designed to increase the size of farm animals. A second, separate, research area was the use of radiation to increase the size of livestock. An Ifukube employee misread a directive and mistakenly fed the genetically enhanced feed to a radiation-augmented bull. The result was disastrous: the bull (later dubbed “Burugon” by the press) grew to gargantuan proportions, broke free, and destroyed two Japanese cities before being subdued and sent to Monster Island.

Stats are for Firefly Games’ Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat

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