The Big Blog o’Fun proudly presents, for the first time anywhere, an English translation of the 1970’s Kaijurama TV series’ theme!

While the lyrics presented here may not be a precise literal translation of the original Japanese words, they’re at least as good as the subtitling of most of the readily available Region 1 kaiju and tokusatsu DVDs (and, in the case of Iron King, it’s probably a dang sight better).

So let’s all sing along, boys and girls! (Larger type for the vision-impared — no extra charge)

This fine Earth of ours is a beautiful place

Don’t let fearsome creatures make it a dung heap

It is desirable for all of us to enjoy breathing

So our pride-worthy jets rain crimson death upon the foe

The peace of our green forests and mountains is disturbed

By the shrieks and bellows of these unlovely monsters

Kaijurama, kaijurama,

Outnumbered by fearsome enemies, the Science Police

And our shining silver savior will defend us all without fail!

Have fun! – Steve

Copyright 2011, Steven A. Lopez. All rights reserved.