Today I’m going to ask a hypothetical question which I’m sure will make a reader or two uncomfortable.

But first, some unrelated business.

My previous post received an astronomical (well, at least by the standards of this blog) number of reads, and also had a fair number of comments and replies. I think it was because of the links – people love free and cheap stuff. Looking over the blog’s overall stats, I’ve also noticed that my “old grognard/OSR/OSG” opinion posts (e.g. “Old-timer doesn’t get the appeal of modern micro-management tactical combat RPGs”) also get quite a few hits/reads. That’s weird, because the whole OSR thing was just an accidental thing that popped up later along the way after I stumbled across Hideouts & Hoodlums, and the posts are nothing but me yammering my opinion. “Big deal” thinks I, yet the posts get gobs of hits.

However, I’ve also noticed that the least read posts are character profiles for Villains & Vigilantes (and other games, like Monster Island). That’s disconcerting, as the original idea of this blog was for me to write about the Silver City V&V campaign, and maybe once in a while throw in some recaps of cool old 1940’s comics. It also bugs me a bit because I thought the highly detailed (and dripping with period ambiance) character backgrounds for some of the Liberty League members were pretty kick-ass. (I’m especially fond of the background for Bombergirl, but maybe that’s just because I’m especially fond of Bombergirl.)

Consequently, I’m either not going to post the character stats for our modern-day V&V characters or else just lump them all together in a single ultra-long post just to get it out of the way.

Onward to today’s hypothetical question (and, yes, there’s a reason why I’m asking it). Here’s the equally hypothetical situation:

You’re running a superhero campaign (or time-travel single adventure) set during World War II. The player characters are superheroes who are fighting for the Allied side. All of your players themselves are adults (or nearly so – we’ll say sixteen years of age or older). None of your players are of Japanese or German descent.

Here’s the question:

Do you permit your players to use period-accurate slang expressions such as “Jap”, “Nip”, “Kraut”, “Heinie”, “Hun”, etc. while they’re acting and speaking in character?

Remember the parameters: no one in the group will be personally insulted by these terms, as none of them have the ethnic/national backgrounds in question.

Think about it and then please post a reply in the “Leave a reply” section below. I’m honestly interested in your opinion.

Have fun! – Steve

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