I’ve been a busy boy this week; hence, no posts…

However, what I did manage to finish was my first genre game for Avalon Games’ Steel & Glory game system. You may recall that I’ve written about S&G before; it’s essentially a cool “print’n’play” miniatures game system which uses color counters instead of minis.

I’m not going to say any more about my genre expansion until it’s published (and, yes, it has been accepted and is “in the hopper” for publication). Until I can talk more about it, however, I’ll content myself with providing you with a link to the pages of S&G games available at RPGNow:

Avalon Games’ Steel & Glory Game System

If you decide to try one out, please be sure to get a $5.99 starter game instead of one of the $2.99 add-ons — the add-ons don’t contain the rules, just characters, cards, and maps. Readers of this blog will be especially interested in the Men of Bronze 1930’s pulp game and the Heroes Inc. comic book supers games.

Have fun! — Steve

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