I left out a house rule for Hideouts & Hoodlums in my last blog post: player characters don’t die until they reach -10 H.P. As I said, I’m pretty anti-”PC mortality”.

The new issue of The Trophy Case, the quarterly H&H newsletter, came out the other day; you can get your free copy at RPGNow. I found this item from the newsletter kind of curious:

STEVE LOPEZ, our Trophy Case fiction contributor, has got over an illness in time to get back to work on a “secret project” for Avalon Games. Will it keep him too busy to ever write H&H modules? Only time will tell!

Modules? That’s news to me. Then I got baffled a second time by the first line of the next article:

Since publishing scenario/adventure/modules for H&H is not in our short-range plans,…

So…I’m too busy to write modules for which there are no plans anyway…okay.

Actually, I have been working on a Hideouts & Hoodlums adventure, a modified version of The Vindicators thing which I finally found time to start running for Cody & Sam a couple of days ago. We were playing H&H outside on the porch; at the end of the character creation process I told the boys they needed to name their characters (squeezing character origins and backstories out of them is too much to ask for). Sam is running a Mystery Man named Nightmare, while Cody is running a Fighter class character, a tuxedoed private eye – apparently Cody didn’t look closely enough at Sam Spade’s apartment the last time we watched The Maltese Falcon. He kept hemming and hawing about a name, until somebody in a Mini Cooper rolled by.

“Mike Hooper! That’s his name!”

Sam and I just rolled our eyes. At least he didn’t name the guy “Mike Hunt”. Meanwhile, I’ve been inspired to create a new character for Villains & Vigilantes, a homosexual Russian spy named Seymon Yurgay. The “Who’s on First” potential is just too good to pass up:

“What’s your name?”

“Yurgay. Seymon Yurgay.”

“I’m not gay – you’re gay!”

“As a matter of fact, I am.”


The H&H adventure for the kids is the main reason why I haven’t written any more Vindicators chapters for this blog. I don’t want the kids stumbling upon any important details online, and if the hideout plays OK – after all, it’s been 30+ years since the last time I designed what’s essentially an OD&D dungeon – I might make it the core of a published H&H module (either an official product if it’s accepted or a throwaway I’ll post here).

As Scott mentioned in the H&H newsletter (quoted earlier), Avalon Games is getting ready to publish my new genre book for the Steel & Glory skirmish game. I’m still not going to tell you what the subject is, although Rob left a big hint somewhere on this very blog. I will tell you that Rob has sent me some samples of the character art and the game tiles, and it’s all very kick-ass; I’m pretty stoked about it. The present plan is to publish it as a “serial” over several issues of Game Geek magazine, and then release it as a separate product later.

I’ll likely write some replays and extra material for S&G here on the Big Blog o’Fun later.

Meanwhile, here’s some more Hideouts & Hoodlums stuff. In my solo campaign, I found that it was becoming a grind to flip around in the multiple rulebooks looking for hoodlums/monsters whenever the dice called for an encounter. I finally just bit the bullet and created my own random tables.

These tables are for “realistic” adventures (here defined as “pulp realistic” meaning that there are no creatures derived from heroic fantasy or other “myth/legend” origins), and are designed to be used with the table at the top of Book 3, page 12. The tables can be used for stocking hideouts or urban areas, or for “wandering mobster” encounters. The tables use mobsters from the basic three book set and from Supplements 1 and 2.

1 – Half-pints
2 – Vamps
3 – Hoodlums, Cowardly
4 – Hoodlums, Wimpy
5 – Hoodlums, Superstitious
6 – Giant rats
7 – Giant vampire bats
8 – Giant Venus flytraps

1 – Robbers
2 – Hoodlums, drunken
3 – Corrupt politicians
4 – Hoodlums, slick
5 – Giant beetles
6 – Watch dogs

1 – Yellow peril hoodlums
2 – Thugs
3 – Mad scientists
4 – Robots
5 – Giant centipedes
6 – Giant spiders
7 – Giant lizards
8 – Giant poisonous snakes
9 – Wolves
10 – Anarchists

1 – Master criminals
2 – Constrictor snake(s)
3 – Hoodlum, elite
4 – Winged snake

1 – Napoleons
2 – Ultra-mad scientists
3 – Large robots
4 – Giant centipedes
5 – Alligators
6 – Giant lizards
7 – Lions
8 – Wild boars

I decided against making a PDF download of these tables, figuring that just posting them will give you more flexibility as to formatting. You can cut and paste these into a .doc file; if you have Open Office, you can easily make your own PDF of these tables.

Have fun! – Steve

Copyright 2011, Steven A. Lopez. All rights reserved.