I was going to post something JSA-related today, but I just saw something cool on RPGNow a short while ago.

It’s called a “terrain inspiration generator”. Basically, you set the size of the grid squares, decide on what “categories” of terrain you want to include, click a button, and out comes a randomly-generated map which you can save as an image file or send to the Windows Clipboard:

Click the pic for a larger view

And if you want some ideas for specific terrain, there’s a separate tab which takes you to suggestions for what would constitute the various terrain categories (“Difficult”, “Damaging”, etc.).

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s really useful, it works very well, and it’s a FREE download. You can get it here:

Terrain Inspiration Generator at RPGNow

As an owner of a Chessex vinyl Battlemat and bunches of cardboard and print’n’play terrain tiles, I’m thinking that this utility is going to be extremely useful for generating random maps for my Steel & Glory and Star Wars Miniatures games.

Have fun! — Steve

Copyright 2011, Steven A. Lopez. All rights reserved.