Back when my parents were young during the 1930’s and 1940’s, things got done. If there was a problem, you solved it. If something was broken, you fixed it. You didn’t screw around and hope that it somehow fixed itself, or pointed fingers at other people to complain about how it was all their fault – you just took on the weight and you fixed it.

I’ll assume (unless you’re on vacation or live like a hermit) you’ve seen the news lately. In my own tired, sad way I’m almost glad that my folks died a few years back and didn’t live to see this stuff going on in Washington. They weren’t strangers to this kind of thing – after all, they went through Watergate and the political “blood sport” which characterized the 1990’s. But they never saw anything this stupid.

I often think about their generation, how they won a World War and went on to land on the moon; along the way they did a fair bit to fix some social ills, too. And I guess that’s why I’m a big Justice Society of America fan – it feels like some of them are still around, still getting things done.

A couple of issues ago (issue #51, to be exact), I read something that really blew me away. The current story arc (which has been going on for most of the past year) concerns a city “outside of Washington DC” (Maryland? It sure looks and sounds a lot like Baltimore) called Monument Point. A superhuman terrorist was leveling the town. The JSA showed up and stopped him (with a high cost to the team – I won’t spoil all the details), but as the team was leaving, the townspeople gave them a huge blast, something along the lines of “Sure, fly off and leave us to clean up!” So the JSA does the right thing: they stay and help to rebuild Monument Point.

The city council uses a nearly-forgotten provision in the city’s charter to appoint a new mayor: Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash. So Jay hangs up his “hubcap” helmet, rolls up his sleeves, and gets to work in his new capacity. That’s when things start to go south (and brings us to the aforementioned issue #51):

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Jay walks out and the action moves to other concerns for a few pages. Then we return to Monument Point’s City Hall, where politician Dennis (kind of a halfassed “bad guy” in prior issues) offers Jay some freaking sage advice:

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And, after following some other characters for a few more pages, we return to Monument Point where Jay comes through (like he always does) and shows everybody the stuff he’s made from:

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That’s what I said (out loud, too) when I read this. That’s what my son Sam said (out loud, too) when he read this.

In true 1940’s style, Jay stepped up – and things are getting done. No, it won’t be perfect. But the important, emergency stuff gets FIXED NOW and the piddly details are fussed over later.

Apparently the current writer(s) GET IT, they understand the “1940’s mentality” (and, of course, DC is about to reboot their whole universe and cancel JSA, just when the book’s getting really interesting again. Idiots.)

And a few younger comic fans for some reason feel the need to ask me why I admire Jay Garrick so much. For me, Jay’s the only Flash, and this sequence from Justice Society of America #51 is just one of the many reasons why.

Now think about what we’ve all been hearing in the news lately. It’s unlikely that anyone in politics is reading this blog, but you never know… so I’d like to call the attention of the President and Congress of the United States to this panel in particular:

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Absolutely RIGHT. So how about you guys cutting out all the finger-pointing and the girly whining and the politicking, and DO WHAT I GODDAMN PAY YOU TO DO — FIX THIS SHIT. And do it just like JayFAST.


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