My blogging friend The Acrobatic Flea got himself knighted; he’s now Sir Timothy of Kent. And his blog has changed names from Heropress to I’d Rather Be Killing Monsters. All of which is cool and good, except that I’ve always had a really hard time posting comments to his blog (Firefox doesn’t like his host site), and now that people who comment there are referred to as “serfs”…well, I’ll just have to compliment him here instead of there for discovering (and posting) a real gem hidden in the pile of endless dross which mankind knows as YouTube.

It’s called Dr. Fate and the Crawling Chaos. It’s actually only Part One of a serial (which right there is something cool — a serial!) and it’s absolutely worth a look. Based on the iconic Golden Age mystic, it’s inventive (check out the awesome classic “Fate helmet” prop!), well made, very cool, and the special effects are at least a hundred times better than the allegedly “professional” crap that the SyFy Channel keeps (embarrassingly) trotting out.


Thanks again to the acrobatic Sir Timothy of Flea for finding this one!

Have fun! — Steve

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