Check it out! My Steel & Glory game system expansion Spaghetti Western is now available as a self-contained product!

Steel & Glory Spaghetti Western

S&G Spaghetti Western at RPGNow

The Steel & Glory skirmish game system is designed by Rob Hemminger, designed to simulate actions between small groups of combatants. The system is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of genres; other Steel & Glory modules include fantasy, science fiction, pulp, comic book superhero, and horror settings. It’s an system which is easy to learn, too; you can read the core rules and be playing in as little as fifteen to twenty minutes.

My own small contribution to the series, Spaghetti Western, is an expansion based on classic Italian/Spanish movies of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Several of the game’s characters are derived directly on famous movie characters from the genre (with the names changed, of course); part of Spaghetti Western’s fun comes from identifying your favorite actors and characters based on the stats and special abilities printed on the character cards.

Spaghetti Western is completely self-contained — the core S&G rules are part of the package, so no other purchase is required. Spaghetti Western is a “print’n’play” game — an Acrobat PDF file containing everything you need to play including the rules, counters, character cards, and specially-designed terrain tiles (which can also be used for other Steel & Glory system games or, for that matter, any minis, skirmish, or role-playing game which uses 1″ squares — such as Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars Miniatures, Villains & Vigilantes, and many more). Just print out the components on your home printer, cut them out, and you’re ready to start throwing punches and slinging lead!

You can see free previews of some of the characters in Game Geek Magazine issues #19, 20, & 21 (also available at RPGNow).

If you want to have a whole lot of gaming fun for a just little bit of cash, get yourself a copy of Spaghetti Western (or any of the Steel & Glory system, for that matter).

ADDENDUM: I was just checking out my copy which arrived via e-postman, and I noticed the rulebook also contains my short essay on Italio-Spanish Western cinema. So you not only get a game, ya gets edumacated about da mooveez too!

Have fun! — Steve

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