Great Scott Games has released the latest quarterly issue of the official Hideouts & Hoodlums magazine: The Trophy Case #6 is available now, and it’s free for download!

Hideouts & Hoodlums Roleplaying Game - The Trophy Case Issue #6

Hideouts & Hoodlums Roleplaying Game - The Trophy Case Issue #6

Issue 6 is chock full of swell stuff like newly revised Flight abilities for your characters, some “drop in” NPCs (for when the gamemaster needs a walk-on character in a hurry), and some really cool locales which were omitted from Supplement III: Better Quality before publication (presumably for space considerations), including one which scared me, being as I’d already planned an H&H module (see final paragraph below) using just such a locale – before I’d even seen Trophy Case #6. Spooky.

Editor Scott Casper has also included a short piece on why “Good” and “Evil” aren’t officially recognized Alignment choices in H&H (but can easily be included at GM’s discretion). There’s a preview of the new Aviator character class (which is tentatively scheduled to be included in Supplement IV later this year), which I’ve had a very slight hand in helping to prepare.

Scott also goes into some feature by feature detail in his review of Feature Comics #24 (September 1939, published by Quality Comics, the same folks who brought us one of my all-time favorites: Blackhawk). In that article, Scott brings up a point which really resonates with me in light of my “suspension of disbelief” post a few weeks back: criminals are often convicted on the flimsiest of evidence in Golden Age comic books. Note that I didn’t say “wrongfully convicted”; the rats always have it coming. But it’s the kind of recurring trope of Golden Age books which modern day gamers need to train themselves to overlook when playing comic book and pulp RPGs set in the 1930’s and 1940’s: a costumed hero’s word is often good enough for the police and courts.

There are also a couple of pages of The Trophy Case #6 written by yours truly, although it’s nothing which regular readers of this blog haven’t already seen. But it might be cool to get a copy of your own, being as it’s a free download and all. There’s no excuse – it’s FREE, for crying out loud. GET IT NOW! It’s cool – so round, so firm, so fully packed…

Scott mentions in the opening editorial of issue #6 that he and I are “in talks” to discuss the possibility of me writing some official Hideouts & Hoodlums game modules. It’s a done deal, boys and girls, and you should be seeing Sons of the Feathered Serpent, the first of a planned trilogy of connected modules (which can also be played as individual adventures), sometime in the first half of 2012. (I’d planned to all but finish the danged thing while I was on vacation last week, but you know how it is – it’s the holidays, the kids are home from college, we all got some cool games for Christmas, plus there’s all the old games we haven’t had the chance to play in a while…the next thing you know, vacation was over.) As it stands, Feathered Serpent is about halfway finished (if you call a few hand-drawn maps and a stack of notes on legal paper “finished”); give me a little time – I’ll get there…

Have fun! – Steve

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