The Hideouts & Hoodlums roleplaying game contains plenty of material for Golden Age comics fun; there are all kinds of villains, animals, robots, and mythological creatures to choose from when populating a hideout. But I’m surprised that there are no specific stats for Axis soldiers, especially considering the game’s setting and time period. Comic book heroes of the Golden Age are often seen giving German soldiers a well-deserved drubbing.

Airboy cleans the house of some Nazi soldiers. From Air Fighters Comics Vol. 2 #1, October 1943

I considered modifying some of H&H’s rank and file hoodlums to devise some soldier stats, but most of the game’s hoods have some kind of “issues” (cowardly, drunk, or superstitious) which make them a bit inept to various degrees. I wasn’t looking to create super-soldiers (well, actually I was), but I wanted to stat out some normal fighting men first as a kind of benchmark.

I flipped through some books and paged through some PDFs before I finally found a partial solution in the pages of Swords & Wizardry (which is sort of H&H’s spiritual godfather twice removed on its mother’s side). I took some S&W stats for various human soldiers, tweaked them around a bit, and within a few minutes I had some workable numbers for World War II Nazi soldiers.

Here are the stats I’m using for three different kinds of “regular Fritzes” in my Hideouts & Hoodlums games: common soldiers, low-level leaders (sergeants), and fanatics (which are a tip of the cap to the “berserker” rules from the old Squad Leader boardgame). Note that these are not official H&H rules additions.

Common Nazi soldier: (HD: 1; AC: 7[12]; Attack: rifle [1d6]; Move: 60′; AL: C; ML: 16; HDE/XP: 1/40). This is a normal Wehrmacht foot soldier.

Nazi sergeant: (HD: 3; AC: 5[14]; Attack: machine pistol [1d8 or automatic fire]; Move: 60′; AL: C; ML: 15; HDE/XP: 3/120). Sergeants typically command 4d4 common soldiers.

Nazi fanatic: (HD: 1+1; AC: 7[12]; Attack: rifle, bayonet, or knife [1d6]; Move: 60′; AL: C; ML: [see description]; Special: +2 to attack rolls; HDE/XP: 2/80). Fanatics need never check morale; they will continue attacking until they are killed. They enjoy an extra +2 bonus to attack rolls due to their state of battle frenzy.

These stats are for normal rank and file German soldiers. Elite S.S. troops should get +1 to their starting hit points, a +1 attack bonus, and -1 to all saving throws. Note that the +1 attack bonus is in addition to any other bonuses (so an S.S. fanatic would get a +5 attack bonus, two for his regular hit dice bonus, two for his berserk status, and one for his S.S. bonus). Such troops should also be worth an extra 20 to 40 experience points (at Editor’s discretion) compared to their normal counterparts.

If you want to create higher-level Nazi soldiers or villains, either use villains of the “Napoleon/Genghis Khan” variety from Book 2, or else just use the player character creation rules for whatever Class (Aviator, Fighter) foe you need.

Have fun! — Steve

Copyright 2012, Steven A. Lopez. All rights reserved.