It’s that time again! The Trophy Case, the quarterly magazine supporting the Hideouts and Hoodlums roleplaying game, hit the virtual racks at RPGNow earlier this week, so head over there right now to pick up your free copy! The new issue is the biggest one yet and is chock full of goodies, including articles which can be read and enjoyed by non-gamers as well as an item or three which can be used in any comic-based superhero RPG.

Hideouts & Hoodlums RPG: The Trophy Case v2 #1

Scott Casper has provided us with an extensive sourcebook describing Depression-era Duluth, MN, which expands greatly on the basic info provided in the basic Hideouts and Hoodlums rules. Scott tells me he consulted with a Minnesota archivist to make sure he got it the historical (non-game) portions right. The cool part is that you can easily change the location to a fictional town of your own choice which might better suit your campaign of any RPG set in roughly the same period (such as Call of Cthulhu, for example). It’s interesting reading for non-gamers and historians as well (just skip over the game related portions), as it’s a look at a typical American industrial town on the eve of World War II.

As for other play aids which are usable with other RPGs, you’ll also find a list of 100 random clues in the new Trophy Case, clues which can be used in pretty much any RPG which uses a modern (post nineteenth century) setting. I love lists like these because I’m so awful at devising ones of my own. There’s also a shorter list (by Scott Casper and Walt Jillson) of Silver Age based “superhero problems” (broke, clingy elderly aunt, pesky unwanted sidekick, etc.) which are perfect for those “point buy” RPG systems which allow you to gain extra character creation points if you take some sort of disadvantage.

In Trophy Case v2 #1, Scott also recaps the adventures of Billy Batson, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, as told in the pages of Whiz Comics #3.

The new Trophy Case also contains plenty of new toys which are Hideouts and Hoodlums specific, including an optional new dice system for base character stats (from Walt Jillson), some new monsters, a couple of rules clarifications/modifcations, a new H&H skill system (from Jason Johnson), and stats for Nazi German soldiers (from me, from a post which originally appeared in this blog, and which were pilfer-, I mean borrowed – nah, I really do mean pilfered, if not pillaged, by Scott).

The Trophy Case Vol.2 #1 is packed to the gills with lots of swell old-school comics and RPG goodness, so click the link to go to RPGNow and download your free copy today! And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out the full catalog of Hideouts and Hoodlums game books and supplements, including my own contribution, the adventure module Sons of the Feathered Serpent!

Have fun! — Steve

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