I want one of these soooooooo badly, but the cutoff date for contest entries was in 1940:

Miracle Comics #1, Feb. 1940

Who wouldn’t want an official Sky Wizard Paralyzer Pistol? (He asked rhetorically) Of course, in those days there seemed to always be some catch: the pistol might be no bigger than a charm for a bracelet or maybe none were awarded at all — since contests in those days could have “secret” rules that weren’t disclosed in the ad, maybe the editors decided that they’d need at least 2,000+ entries before they even manufactured the toys in the first place. That latter scenario seems likely, as a Google search for the toy turns up bupkis except for a few mentions of it on comics blogs.

But, dang, that Paralyzer Pistol sure does look swell…(sigh).

Have fun! — Steve

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