I neglected to mention this a couple of weeks ago when it hit the virtual newsstands — the latest issue of The Trophy Case, the quarterly Hideouts & Hoodlums RPG newsletter, is here! And, best of all (and most unusually), it contains not one single blessed word cribbed from The Big Blog o’Fun!

Editor (and game designer) Scott Casper bills this new edition (Vol. 2, #2) as a “Special Fanfiction Issue”. The latest Trophy Case contains several pieces of short fiction based on various Golden Age comic characters. David Brashear checks in with an installment of a “Madam Fatal” serial. There’s an unattributed “Lone Marshall” installment, and Scott Casper adds a chapter to his ongoing Reuter Mansion game campaign. And none of the fiction in this issue came from my blog! Astounding!

Scott also adds a preview of the forthcoming game supplement Captains, Magicians, and Incredible Men by providing stats for Golden Age character Daredevil Barry Finn. You’ll also find variant hand-to-hand combat rules for H&H, several new mobster types, and recommendations for H&H trap design. Did I mention that none of it came from this blog (for a change)?

And the price is right – it’s free and can be downloaded from RPG Now (where you can purchase the Hideouts & Hoodlums RPG core rules for a mere pittance, and don’t forget my own H&H adventure module Sons of the Feathered Serpent while you’re there!)

Have fun! — Steve

Copyright 2012, Steven A. Lopez. All rights reserved.