I’ve honestly put far more thought into this post than I should have. I’ve batted ideas around for days, weighing them to evaluate how I can present this comic book page to you. I’ve been flashing back on my high school freshman year when I used to put off a hated project until the last minute (plus ten) because I just plain didn’t want to do it.

I thought about tying the page in to the Battle of Thermopylae and writing a brief account for the ten or twelve people who haven’t seen the movie 300 but, honestly, Mark Cartwright’s engaging piece over at the Ancient History Encyclopedia site already does a better job than I could. I’ve tried to figure out some clever way to introduce the fact that I first learned about the Battle of Thermopylae in a comic book: a DC war comic back in the early 1970’s (when they presented historical pieces as second features in their war titles).

But all of that is just far too much work, being as the matter at hand concerns a crappy pun (and one that’s not remotely clever or funny). It’s a comic book panel that should never have seen the light of day.

It’s from The Steel Fist’s third appearance in Blue Circle Comics #3. It’s in the next to last panel on the page:

Blue Circle Comics #3, September 1944

I think we can more easily speculate on why Blue Circle Comics only ran for five issues of new material: it’s because most of the readership killed themselves after reading that panel. (This writer, and the Big Blog o’Fun, assume no responsibility for any self-inflicted harm resulting from reading this comic book page.)

We’ll look at something better the next time around.

Have fun! — Steve

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