Before retiring from chess writing in 2016, Steve Lopez was one of the most prolific chess writers in history; his credits include over a thousand articles on chess software, chess history/personalities, and game analysis, plus several chess books in electronic format (including the best-selling CD eBook Guide to Computer Chess and The Ultimate Guide to Chess King/History of Computer Chess). His work has been published in print and electronically by numerous chess companies. In addition to writing about chess, Steve has also edited dozens of chess books in electronic format. Beginning in 2009, Steve branched out into video production, with more than four hundred Internet videos on chess software and chess game replays/analysis to his credit, as well as an additional half-dozen commercial chess DVD products which Steve wrote and narrated. He was also a tech support “guru” for several chess software companies (including ChessBase USA, ChessBase GmbH, SmartChess, and Chess King) from 1992 through 2015. His website The Chess Kamikaze Homepage (which was online from 1998 through 2003) won several awards, including recognition from Chess Life magazine as one of the best chess sites on the Internet.

Steve’s other writing credits include drama, comedy, news, and documentaries for radio from 1979 through 1993. He also worked as a radio personality and voice actor during that time (actually doing his first voice work as a teenager in 1976), and voiced hundreds of commercials during his radio career. Later professional writing credits include game reviews for Replay magazine, as well as board game designs and roleplaying game modules. He’s also written American Civil War tour guides for the Maryland Park Service, and produced, wrote, and narrated two Civil War documentaries for the MPS in 2009 and 2010. Steve was also a professional blues singer/musician in the 1980s, fronting several regional bands.

Steve retired from professional writing and voice work in 2016 but still occasionally offers a blog post here when the spirit moves him. Now that a few million of his words have seen print Steve has finally decided to slow down; these days he prefers to spend his free time reading, and playing board, card, and miniatures games with family and friends. Today he limits his chess work to editing four to six digitial chess books a year for The House of Staunton.


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  1. Easgsfxz
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 15:55:37

    Together with the girl they go into the cave found in the steep slope and discover a base. ,


  2. fourcolorglasses
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 19:49:18

    OK, dude, that’s a total “WTF?” comment — but it’s intriguing, I’ll give you that.


  3. “Freedom from Fear”: how ironic « Steve Lopez's Big Blog o'Fun
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 14:27:42

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