Post-war hysteria (Part 2) – Atomic War #1, November 1952

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Here’s an interesting little exercise for you: think back to your childhood and try to remember the age at which you first realized with absolute certainty that there were things in this world from which your parents couldn’t keep you safe.

For many people of my generation (the baby boomers) it was the moment when you first understood the potential for dying in a nuclear blast. More


Post-war hysteria (Part 1) – Atomic War #1, November 1952


No popular entertainment medium exists in a perfect vacuum; like water dripping from a stalactite in a cavern, outside influences often leach in to color and inform it. A medium can be influenced by the sudden popularity of another medium or genre (nothing speaks as loudly as money, and success breeds countless imitators). Current socio-political events also hold great sway over pop culture, be it overtly (such as the popularity of military-themed movies in wartime), or subtly (exemplified by “one man against a system” movies and TV shows in the post-Vietnam 1970’s). More

A private Axis army – Our Flag Comics #3, December 1941

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Earlier this year, the Big Blog o’Fun examined four comic book adventures starring The Flag, published in Our Flag Comics in 1941 and 1942; you can easily find these by going to the “search” box near the bottom of this page’s right-hand side bar and typing “Our Flag” (including the quotes). A “missing” issue of Our Flag surfaced a few days ago at the Digital Comic Museum: issue 3 from December 1941. After blogging about Our Flag Comics #4 back in March I’d intended to leave The Flag alone and not comment on any more of his adventures, but the second of two Flag stories in issue #3 is so entertainingly bizarre that I just can’t resist it. There’s also an additional (though admittedly minor) historical component to the tale which I also found interesting. More

Fraud at the polls! – Our Flag Comics #4, February 1942


In regard to one of my Golden Age Comic recaps a few posts back, my friend Scott Casper asked me why I’d not drawn an arguably apt parallel between one of the story’s characters and a highly political present-day TV network. Let me tell you a little story… More

Nazis in drag – Our Flag Comics #4, February 1942


That’s right, you heard me. Nazis. In drag.

This particular Golden Age Comics story is pretty weird even by this blog’s standards. It features as its key element Nazis dressed as elderly ladies in what is possibly the most convoluted anarchist plot to topple a government in world history. More