Hardy and Hardy – Cannonball Comics #1, February 1945

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American movies and comic books during the 1930’s and 1940’s catered to a broad range of tastes (as we’ve discussed several times previously in this blog). Today’s movies and comics tend heavily toward adventure genres, but “pop culture” of the Golden Age of comics spanned a wider range of story types, many of which might seem surprising to today’s comic readers and moviegoers. More


Boy nemesis terrorizes gangdom – Cannonball Comics #1, February 1945

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Golden Age comics could keep a reader very busy for their cost of a dime. In their early years comics typically topped sixty pages and, although the size of comics gradually decreased as the Forties wore on, by the middle of the decade a dime comic still contained more than fifty pages of story. That amount of content takes a fair little bit of time to read; even today it often requires the best part of an hour for me to read a Golden Age comic (unless I’m speed reading/skimming it) and that’s if I skip the obligatory text two-pager.

When I was a kid in the 1960’s, a DC “80 Page Giant” would keep me occupied for a couple of hours. More