I see dead people (Part 3) – Triple Threat Comics #1, 1945

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The third of our 1940’s spectral avengers comes to us (indirectly) from Charlton Comics, which was a major player in the 1950’s and 1960’s comic industry, an era which saw many rivals to the supremacy of the “big two” (namely DC and Marvel); publishers like Charlton, Gold Key, Harvey, and Archie Comics were major comic book publishers as late as the 1980’s. More


Genre mashup 50’s style – Space Western Comics #42, Feb. 1953


During the past few years, pop culture genre mashups (the mixing of two seemingly unrelated genres in one work) have been increasing in number. We’ve recently seen the release of movies in which gunslingers battle aliens, historical characters fight supernatural menaces, and there have even been films containing mixtures of horror and comedy (said mixture having been around almost as long as movies themselves, only these days it’s designed to be funny on purpose).

But genre mashups aren’t anything new; they’ve been around for a very long time. More