The Appeal of Empty Rhetoric – Daredevil Battles Hitler, July 1941


About a month ago on a day off from work, I spent part of the afternoon watching the 1935 Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will. As a historian and film fan the movie is practically required viewing; Leni Riefenstahl’s cinematography (in the use of moving cameras, multiple views, and aerial shots) was groundbreaking and, in the case of the opening “flying through the clouds” sequence, breathtaking.

But for all of its visual beauty and pioneering technique, one can’t forget that Triumph of the Will was a propaganda film commissioned (and directly influenced) by Joseph Goebbels as a visual record of the events surrounding the 1934 Nuremburg rally, which was officially titled the Nazi Party Congress. And since the film was a Nazi propaganda movie, I don’t suppose I need to tell you who the star of the show was. In fact, the majority of the “Hitler giving a speech” footage you’ve seen in numerous documentaries down through the years is taken directly from Triumph of the Will; this is unsurprising when one considers that the film is in public domain (so no royalties have to be paid for the use of the material). What surprises the modern viewer when one watches the complete and unedited film is that Hitler manages to speak an awful lot, yet say absolutely nothing of any real substance. More


BONUS BATTLE OCTOBER! Daredevil vs The Claw (Part 1) — Silver Streak Comics #7, January 1941


Welcome to Bonus Battle October and Part One of the five part epic battle between (the original) Daredevil and a real master of evil, the archfiend known as The Claw! More

Daredevil Battles Hitler! (Part 4)

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Today we’ll take a last loving look at a real “lost gem”: the comic book Daredevil Battles Hitler, published by Comics House/Lev Gleason in mid-1941. I’d like to remind you that all of the stories from this and the previous three blog posts came from a single issue, not a series. More

Daredevil Battles Hitler! (Part 3)

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Continuing our look at a “lost classic”: 1941’s Daredevil Battles HitlerMore

Daredevil Battles Hitler! (Part 2)

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In the previous blog post we took a first look at a very unique comic from July 1941: Daredevil Battles Hitler. The book is remarkable for a whole host of reasons, the foremost being that the book was published over six months prior to the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. More