Good girl art, down on the farm – The Farmer’s Daughter #1, 1954


Q: What do you get when you cross a dirty joke with a comic book?

A: Today’s post in The Big Blog o’Fun! More


Golden Age costume drama – Slave Girl Comics #1, February 1949


The other day I read a quote which said that “the hardest job to do is the one you never start”. That’s exactly the wrestling match I’ve been contesting for a couple of months. I have some friends who think it would be cool if I resumed writing about roleplaying games in this blog (as I used to do back when I first started it). I’ve been involved in RPGs since the start of the hobby (the original Dungeons and Dragons had been out just over a year when I got my first copy in early 1976), and comic book/superhero games were a special interest of mine back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, so a couple of people seem to think it would be a good idea if I wrote about the early titles in that genre. I’ve been wrestling with the notion for weeks now. The problem is, of course, the nature of the Interrant; anytime somebody mentions RPGs online the whole discourse seems to degenerate into some protracted polemical girl fight over systems and mechanics, and I don’t have the time or energy for that sort of pointless crapping around. More

Four more pages would have been GREAT! – Doll Man Quarterly, Spring 1948

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I generally don’t go for blondes, but for the delightful Miss Torchy Todd I will gladly make an exception to that policy – as would any living heterosexual male on the planet.

In this blog’s virtual pages I often point out a tale’s social significance or connect the story to some historical event. Today’s story is definitely significant, and for a single reason: it features Torchy — in her underwear. More

Torchy’s Back! (And her front’s looking pretty nice, too!) – Modern Comics #55, Nov. 1946

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been pretty busy with some paid writing and narration work (some of which even involves Golden Age comics!*), so there hasn’t been much time left to write for fun. That’s too bad, too – I have a couple of posts containing some good historical info percolating in the back of my brain right now. So, in the absence of any real substance, how about a little bit of Torchy instead? Nah, I didn’t think you’d object… More

It’s Torchy! She’ll knock your eyes out! – Doll Man Quarterly #15, Winter 1947


If you’re a heterosexual male, it’s impossible to stop yourself from getting hooked on Torchy Todd after you’ve seen her. Consider this as a warning. More

“Good girl art” and Pat Patriot’s third appearance


I’m a touch under the weather, so I’m going to get in and get out.

“Good girl art” was a pop-artistic movement which reached its peak in the 1940’s  and 1950’s. It had nothing to do with “good girls”; it was the art that was good, not necessarily the morals of the gal in question. It didn’t get the name “good girl art” until the “retro pop culture” wave of the 1970’s introduced an entire generation to the cool wonders of the pulp/Golden Age era More