The Veiled Prophet – Miracle Comics #4, March 1941

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The “backstory” to the comic book we feature in today’s post is one of the great true adventure tales of the Victorian Age. While it is certainly true that many Europeans of that era were virulently racist (“Wogs begin in Calais” as an Englishmen once stated), there were also quite a few who were legitimately curious about other cultures and religions, and a very few who went so far as to experience said cultures (even to the point of breaking many of their own culture’s taboos). The most celebrated among the latter was Sir Richard Francis Burton. More


Valkyrie and the Airmaidens – Air Fighters Comics Vol. 2 #2, November 1943

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When comic book aviator Airboy celebrated his first birthday, artist Fred Kida gave him a wonderful gift: a gorgeous red-hot cleavage-baring Nazi dominatrix named Valkyrie, a character who totally put the lie to the notion of the “innocence” of Golden Age comics.


By the way, you may want to get the kids out of the room. More

Here comes Airboy! – Air Fighters Comics #2, November 1942


Comic books were very quick to villainize the European fascist powers prior to America’s entry into World War II. This is hardly surprising given that a great many comic writers, artists, editors, and publishers were first or second generation Jewish immigrants who retained close ties with “the old country”. But despite Japan’s furious aggression in the Pacific which cost thousands of lives (including well-publicized atrocities in China, such as the infamous “Rape of Nanking”), pre-1942 comics generally left the Japanese alone. More

Giant Nazi Robot Dinosaurs! (Part Two) — Clue Comics #4-5, 1943


And now for the story that Mr. Camp referenced over at Mars Will Send No More, namely the one in which the Boy King’s giant is locked in mortal combat with a giant Nazi robot T-Rex. C’mon – how can this not be cool? More