The War Wheel! – Blackhawk Comics #56, September 1952

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Comics featuring aviators were hugely popular during the Golden Age, and of these four color airmen Blackhawk ruled the proverbial roost; his appearances in Military Comics and, later, in Modern Comics were among the best selling comics of the era. In late 1944 Blackhawk was given his own title by Quality Comics (replacing Uncle Sam Quarterly) and his adventures appeared in both Modern Comics and his own book until late 1950 when Modern ceased publication. More


The Origin of Blackhawk – Military Comics #1, August 1941


Aviator comics were really big sellers during comics’ Golden Age, and for a couple of very obvious reasons. During the ghastly hell that was World War I, one group of military men lived under a chivalrous code (mostly, or at least gave the appearance of doing so): the aviators, who fought and died in flimsy canvas and wire contraptions thousands of feet in the sky. The stories of their exploits thrilled millions on the homefront. Later, in May 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the first man to successfully fly a plane solo across the Atlantic Ocean; the feat instantly made him the most famous man on earth.  More

It’s Torchy! She’ll knock your eyes out! – Doll Man Quarterly #15, Winter 1947


If you’re a heterosexual male, it’s impossible to stop yourself from getting hooked on Torchy Todd after you’ve seen her. Consider this as a warning. More

Blame it on Blackhawk


I hinted at the end of my previous post that this blog would soon be carrying a disclaimer. I have since added just such a virtual document, and you’ll find the link at the top of this page. The obvious question is, “Why do you need a disclaimer?”

I blame it on Blackhawk. More